Nofiltershow: If you get a chance to go…for the love of god GO!!! :)

okay so since Sunday morning ive had about 4 maybe 5 hours of sleep, since the genius that i am set my moving week the same week as nofilter, but i was determined to get to see the show live and made the 6 hour drive to austin this morning and i have to say….IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!!…omg the show was so funny i didn’t want it to end and the girls kept it fresh so even if you already saw the boston or dc shows they still had some surprises for you…i cant decide if my favorite surprise was YDAD being back (HELL YEAH!!!) or all three girls as contestants on the dating game, as future old women no less…hannah and the robots OMG i don’t think ill ever get enough of that! :D :D :D

Meeting the girls was amazing too, i was near the end of the line and thought for sure that the place was going to kick us out before we made it to them…im not kidding when i say that the line was hella long, they were in the lobby and the line went up the stairs, around the mezzanine up another set of stairs and across the balcony…but when we got to the front, even though im sure they were exhausted they were still so so nice… and actually talked to you and had fun with you and im pretty sure i attacked mamrie…sorry about that…but they’re freaking amazing!!! They stayed until they got to everyone which was around 12:30am and venue actually cut out the lights while they were still taking pics and they had to find lighting…but yeah it was a pretty amazing night :)